What is KeepTheFaith.com?

Welcome to KeepTheFaith.com, where every visit is a step closer to finding the joy and connections you're looking for. You'll find a mix of shows and features—some free, some premium—that you can choose based on what speaks to you. Plus, we're introducing the KeepTheFaith VIPTherapy+ Membership Suite, where online therapy is not just accessible, but tailored to fit your life, and all at a great value.

At KeepTheFaith, we are the oasis of contagious encouragement, rooted in unwavering faith and the transformative power of God. Our mission is to equip every soul with the spiritual tools and resources necessary to navigate life's challenges. We believe in the healing and uplifting power of music, offering songs that resonate as the soundtrack of life, accompanied by inspiring testimonies that remind us we are never alone. That is the secret sauce that has made KeepTheFaith Radio America's #1 source for family-friendly syndicated radio for over a decade.

With KeepTheFaith VIPTherapy+, we've partnered with MindHealth Management and TELUS Health to offer you access to a vast network of professional counselors. Each is chosen with the highest credentials to ensure you get the best support. Your membership opens the door to exclusive benefits:

  • Personal Online Therapy: Connect with a therapist that fits your life, whether over the phone or via computer. It's all about what makes you comfortable, with the option for video sessions and the freedom to change therapists whenever you wish.

  • Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Embrace a modern approach to therapy with digital education, interactive videos, and activities that help you tackle life's challenges whenever they arise, right from your device.

  • MAP: Member Assistance Program: It's like having a personal guide for those big life moments. Need advice on budgeting, legal questions, or family care? Our counselors are here to help you make sense of it all with practical advice and support.

  • And we're just getting started. In the months to come, look forward to online masterclasses, group mentorship, and a VIP community to join. You'll have the chance to dive into virtual retreats and enjoy some self-care that rejuvenates. It's all about creating a space for you to learn, connect, and grow. 

Your new chapter is waiting to begin, here at KeepTheFaith.com!